Sapanca city trip from Istanbul in a private car with an Arabic speaking driver

Departure at nine in the morning from Istanbul to the city of Sapanca

The city of Sapanca, or Sapanca, is located in the Turkish province of Sakarya. It is a simple, quiet and dreamy city surrounded by nature. Over the past few years, Sapanca has turned into a safe haven for relaxation and recreation, and has become popular with Arabs from the Arab Gulf countries.

Sapanca is 140 km from Istanbul and takes an hour and 15 minutes of time. It is one of the most beautiful rural cities in Turkey. It is characterized by the beauty of its green nature, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, snow and lakes.

In terms of location, this city occupies an important strategic position in Turkey in terms of the picturesque and wonderful nature that captivates minds before hearts. In winter, it drops to minus 7 degrees below zero.

Lake Sapanca promenade

The first stage of the journey

1- Al-Mashouqia village in Sapanca

The first destination will be the Maşukiye Köyü village and its charming rivers. This village is loved by everyone who visits it, as it makes you feel like a guest in the charming green nature, and takes its name from the Arabic word Maşuk, a charming village located at the foot of Mount Kartepe, north of the famous lake Sapanca.

The village is distinguished by its restaurants that offer rustic breakfast and fish on the banks of the fresh rivers flowing from the green mountains, and the most famous type of fish in this village is trout, where tourists prefer to visit this place more in winter.

Waterfalls in the village of Al-Machoukia in Sapanca

Rivers of the village of Al-Mashoukia in Sapanca

And then go to the valley of the village of Maşukiye Vadisi, where you can, dear tourist, practice recreational activities suitable for children and adults within forests, waterfalls and rivers, such as:
– Zipline game
Rope Swing Game Dev Salıncak
ATV Turu . mountain tank

Ramp up your adrenaline and experience Zipline with safety gear, as you soar among green trees while listening to birds chirping and waterfalls.

Hanging rope game in Maasukia Sapanca

And don’t miss the giant rope swing Dev Salıncak and fly with the birds in an atmosphere full of fun and excitement.

Swinging game in Al-Mashoukia Sapanca

Children and adults have a share of the fun, as Trombolinde is available in the valley in areas designated for them.

Jumping rubber game in the village of Al-Mashouqiah Sapanca

You can take a 40-minute adventure on the ATV mountain bike tour or the tank safari tour, where the tour departs from the valley of the village of Al-Mashouqiah amidst green forests and rivers, up to Mount Kartepe Dağı, and you, dear tourist, take a 15-minute break in the café where you can have your favorite drink And enjoy a wonderful view of Lake Sapanca and the surrounding greenery.

Tank trip to Kartepe Sapanca mountain

The second stage of the journey

2- Delight factory in Sapanca

Then to the famous sweet lokum factory Ahmed Baba 1453 in Sapanca, which is one of the best lokum factories in Turkey, where you, dear tourist, can try the most delicious and luxurious types of sweet lokum with nuts and honey that attract you from the past to the present.

Delight factory in Sapanca

The third stage of the journey

3- Mahmoudiya village in Sapanca

Then our destination will be to the village of Mahmudiye Köyü, which is famous for its wonderful waterfalls and charming green nature. Our first stop will be Natürköy Resort, which is a rural park containing charming waterfalls and beautiful mountain huts adjacent to the waterfalls. Family and special areas for children’s games.

Naturkoy Resort in Mahmudiya Sapanca

It is available to rent a wooden hut adjacent to the mountains and overlooking the charming nature and flowing waterfalls.

Naturkoy Resort Cottages in Mahmudiya Sapanca

The village of Mahmoudiya also contains the Sopeli Doğal Yaşam Köyü complex, which is distinguished by its outdoor seating ideal for families and couples, where you can enjoy a relaxing and calm atmosphere in a café in front of green spaces, river water and flowing waterfalls, with your favorite drink in addition to shisha and refreshments.

Sobleya Restaurant in Mahmoudiya

Suplet Restaurant Falls in Mahmoudiya

Then go to the Organic House of Sapanca, where you can buy the most delicious natural jams and honey.

Honey shop in Sapanca

Fourth stage of the journey

4- The rustic restaurant in Sapanca

Then we will head to the rustic restaurant in Sapanca, Güven Mangalbaşı, which is distinguished from the rest of Sapanca’s other restaurants in the way it serves grilled meat, where the meat is served ready to grill with its spices and you grill it yourself to complete the fun of the trip with all its corners.

Barbecue restaurant in Sapanca

The fifth stage of the journey

5- Lake Sapanca

And to our penultimate stop, the coast of Lake Sapanca Gölü, into which all the waterfalls and rivers flowing from the top of Mount Kartepe, and it is considered one of the most wonderful tourist places in Turkey and one of the largest natural lakes in it.

Sapanca Lake

Dear tourist, you can enjoy a stunning view of the lake from one of the cafes and restaurants, and there are many recreational places for children around

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