Yalova trip from Istanbul by private car

The most beautiful tourist places in Yalova

Yalova city trip in a private car with an Arabic speaking driver

The city of Yalova is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey. It contains hot springs and beautiful nature. It is a special place for those looking for relaxation and tranquility. It is characterized by its charming view, as Yalova Beach is located on the Sea of ​​Marmara.

Yalova or Yalova is witnessing a great turnout from local residents and tourists, as tourism in Yalova is one of the things that every visitor to Turkey should put on his tour schedule because it contains beautiful natural scenes and tourist places in Yalova that are worth a visit.

The first stage of the journey
1- Istanbul Yalova Ferry Trip
The departure from the city of Istanbul to the city of Yalova will be in a private car with an Arabic-speaking driver at exactly nine o’clock in the morning, and the city of Yalova is 120 kilometers from Istanbul, and the road from Istanbul to the city of Yalova takes approximately two hours.
We will head to the port (the sea ferry port in Istanbul) and cross the sea that separates the two states of Istanbul and Yalova by parking the car driven by the driver of our company inside the water ferry, and going on the 25-minute sea ferry trip.
Istanbul Yalova Ferry
The cruise to Yalova has a special poetic atmosphere, where you can spend fun times with your loved one on the ferry’s balcony to watch the sea, feed the seagulls and take beautiful souvenir photos. The ferry also contains a cafe that serves you hot Turkish tea or coffee and other drinks and foods.
Ferry cruise from Istanbul to Yalova

The second stage of the journey

2- Mineral springs and sulfur baths in Yalova

We will head directly to Termal, which is famous for its hot mineral springs, Yalova Termal Kaplıcaları, which is located in the middle of charming forests, 12 km from the center of Yalova. Termal is the city of mineral springs since the days of the Romans.

Termal Springs in Yalova

Dear tourist, you can wander in the forest and sit in one of the cafes surrounded by the magic of green nature in Yalova.

Termal Springs in Yalova

You can also enter the hot Ottoman baths, whose sulfur water temperature ranges between 55 and 65 degrees Celsius. The mineral water in Yalova is characterized by its ability to treat many neurological, skin, digestive, urinary, rheumatic and other diseases.

Yalova Hot Springs

There is also a gym and swimming pools inside the large Yalova baths. There are also special rooms for families within the bathrooms to preserve their privacy. The most famous of these historical baths are:

1- Bath of the Sultan’s mother, Valide Banyo

2- Lead bath cKurşunlu Banyo

3- Sultan Banyo

Yalova Hot Springs

When changing clothes in these large Yalova baths, put on a bathing suit, or put a towel prepared for tourists, and then go to the bathroom, and the hot water room, where the steam rising in it will slowly open the pores of your skin, removing the layer of dirt that covered the surface of the skin, and after a long sweating Conveniently, you can clean yourself using soap with a natural sponge and water, or choose to have a bathroom worker do it, which is the preferred option.

Ottoman bath in Yalova

After this complete ablution, you will have the option of a massage, which is a must-try for visitors and tourists.

The third stage of the journey

3- Sudchan Falls in Yalova

Then up towards Sudüşen Şelalesi Waterfalls. The Sudüşen Şelalesi Waterfall is about 9 km from the village of Termal in the Turkish state of Yalova, and is one of the most important tourist places in the city.

Sudchan Falls in Yalova

Sodoshan Waterfall in Yalova attracts locals and tourists, for its privileged location in the midst of nature and forests, where you can do many activities such as camping, walking and hiking around the area and taking souvenir photos.

Sodoshan Waterfalls in Yalova

It is also spread around the Sodoshan Falls in Yalova, with wooden benches to sit and drink tea next to the waterfall and in the midst of green nature, and places where visitors can hold barbecues in the place.

Sodoshan Waterfall in Yalova

There are many restaurants and cafes where you can have lunch near the waterfalls and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area.

Fourth stage of the journey

4- Koz Kebab Salono Restaurant in Yalova

After that we will go to for lunch at Koz Kebap Salonu in Yalova and Koz Kebap Yalova is one of the best restaurants in Yalova.

Grill in Yalova

Koz Kebab Yalova Restaurant features a charming view of the Marmara Sea and the outskirts of Istanbul. The restaurant serves the most delicious types of Turkish grilled meat, breakfast, salads, soups, and others.

The most famous restaurants in Yalova

The fifth stage of the journey

5- Yalova Beach

Then down to Yalova Corniche, where you can stroll with your family along the Corniche and in the greenery around it.

Yalova Corniche

You can also spend unforgettable times with your children, as there are many entertainment places for them.

Yalova Coast

Sixth stage of the journey

6- Ozdilek Mall in Yalova

And then go to Özdilek Alışveriş Merkezi Mall, one of the best shopping complexes in Yalova. The Özdilek Mall in Yalova occupies an important place in the list of the best shopping places in the tourist city of Yalova, attracting a large number of local visitors and tourists annually.

Ozdlik Mall Yalova

Ozdilek Shopping Center in Yalova contains many famous shops selling cotton products, women’s and men’s clothing, accessories, shoes, watches, perfumes and leather products of various kinds.

Brands of Ozdilek Mall in Yalova

It also contains famous restaurants, and Ozdilek Mall restaurants in Yalova offer various types of food

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