Polish Village and Coxo River Tour in Beykoz

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The first stage of the journey

1 – The Polish Village in Istanbul

Departure in the morning from the hotel towards the park and garden of the Polish Village in Istanbul Tabiat Park Polonezköy, which is a small village located in the Beykoz district in the Asian part of Istanbul.

The village of Polonizkoy in Istanbul is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Istanbul because of its charming nature and green paradise. The Polish Garden Village in Istanbul is the first haven for those looking for recreation away from the bustling atmosphere of Istanbul and provides a range of recreational and heritage activities and service facilities.

Polonizkoy Park in Istanbul attracts local visitors, Arab and foreign tourists, who come to spend the tourism holiday in Turkey, especially during the hot summer months or weekends.

Polish village farm in Istanbul

Polonizkoy village in Istanbul gives its visitors the opportunity to enjoy all year round. If you visit it in the winter, you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere at the time of observing the life of various wild and unique birds within its natural environment away from the noise, as well as cycling.

If your visit to the Polish village of Istanbul is in the summer, you can ride a horse, take a walk in one of its lush gardens, or visit the famous lake, or you may be lucky to attend the celebrations of the local people in the summer festival that is held in the village.

Polonizkoy Park in Istanbul

Have a delicious meal in one of the old traditional restaurants in Istanbul’s Polonizkoy Park and have Turkish tea in the open air.

You can also try barbecue in Bolognese Park in the midst of green nature, a relaxing atmosphere and gentle breezes on your face. This place has been designated for barbecue to enjoy an incomparable taste.

Polonizkoy Park in Istanbul offers several places for recreational games suitable for children, where you can spend a special time with your children on a family picnic in the calm atmosphere.

Polish Village Park in Istanbul

In the forests of the Polish village of Istanbul, there are wide green spaces for sitting and camping to relax in the lap of nature among the cherry and pine trees.

The forests of the Polish village in Istanbul

Don’t end your tour before shopping for some gold and hand-made products such as scarves and clothes from the village’s local market that sells authentic local products.

The second stage of the journey

2- Park of Istanbul Zoo

Then we will go to the Park of Istanbul Zoo, known as the Istanbul Nature and Living Complex.

The Park of Istanbul, located in the Çekmeköy district of Istanbul, is one of the best tourist destinations for lovers of adrenaline, nature and the animal world with its exciting playgrounds.

Park of Istanbul Zoo includes 60 different species of animals and birds, and 350 live animals, and is a suitable place for children and families, where children taste the love of nature and animals at the same time.

Park of Istanbul Zoo

Istanbul Nature and Living Complex consists of several sections:

1- Horse Club in the Park of Istanbul

2- Park of Istanbul cafes and restaurants

3- Local Products Center in the Park of Istanbul

4- Adventure park in the Park of Istanbul

5- Picnic and entertainment area amidst the green nature in the Park of Istanbul

In Istanbul Animal Complex, you can enjoy with your children watching different types of animals and birds, getting to know them closely, and taking memorial photos with them.

Istanbul Animal Complex

Do not miss the opportunity to ride horses, rope game, giant swing, trampoline, and other activities within the Park of Istanbul Zoo.

The Park of Istanbul also contains barbecue areas, restaurants and cafes amidst the nature, where families can have meals, barbecue, tea and coffee in the green garden.

Istanbul Nature and Living Park

The third stage of the journey

3- Fatih Kuroso Garden in Istanbul

Then we will go to Fatih Korusu Doğa Kültür Merkezi Garden in Istanbul (also known as Otağtepe Gardens), also located in Beykoz district in the Asian side of Istanbul.

Otatepe Gardens in Istanbul extends over large areas of green land on the edge of the Sultan Mehmet Bridge, and features a distinctive view of the Bosphorus and the European section of Istanbul.

Kurusu Park in Istanbul

In Fatih Kurosu Park in Istanbul, there is a ten thousand meters long walking and jogging path surrounded by one thousand seven hundred trees, five thousand shrubs and thousands of plants such as rose, chestnut, linden and lily.

Otatepe Park in Istanbul

Otağ Park in Istanbul includes at its entrance a statue of one of the Turkish charitable personalities (Vahbi Koç), who was the director of the endowment, who worked on the reopening and inauguration of Otape Park in Istanbul.

Fatih Kurosu Otatepe Park in Istanbul

The Fatih Kurosu Otape Park in Istanbul also features a view of the Rumeli Hisar Castle, the Ortakoy region, and many palaces located on the European side.

Otatepe Parks in Istanbul is one of the most quiet and peaceful places in Istanbul, away from the noise and hustle of public streets.

Fourth stage of the journey

4- Göksu Deresi . River in Istanbul

Then we will head to the Goksu River in Istanbul, which is a river that flows into the Bosphorus Strait near the Anatolian Castle in the Beykoz region, specifically on the Asian side of the Bosphorus.

The name of the Goksu Bosphorus River in Istanbul dates back to Byzantium

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