Departure in the morning from the hotel in Istanbul towards the city of Ağva, which means in Turkish between the two rivers, and it is a small city distinguished for summer holidays, and one of the areas that is characterized by the presence of distinctive and essential tourist services for tourists such as romantic hotels designed above the peaks, and narrow streets.

Our first destination will be the Göksu River in Agva, where you, dear tourist, can enjoy the beauty of the green nature around you and sit in one of the restaurants and cafes overlooking the wonderful river for a delicious meal or enjoy a cup of coffee and tea.

You can also practice many recreational activities such as hiking in the dense forests and camping in the charming forests, and do not miss the experience of the boat trip on the river that connects the two ends of the forest, and enjoy the scenic landscapes.

For lovers of adventure and excitement, a share of the fun, as you, dear tourist, can enjoy an ATV tank safari and enjoy the green nature with the river.

Then we will head to the city of Şile or Şile, which is located 120 km from the center of Istanbul and enjoys a charming view of the Black Sea. Şile was the destination for the summer holidays of the Ottoman sultans and princes, and is characterized by its enchanting natural beauty, from golden sandy coasts and mountains covered with dense trees, and the presence of two rivers Two rivers flow into the Black Sea (these are the Göksu and Yeşilcay rivers), and it is one of the few areas that still preserves its natural beauty, simplicity, and traditions of Turkish rural life, which makes it attract thousands of local visitors and foreign tourists, to enjoy its picturesque nature and beautiful waterfalls. .

We will go to Şile Feneri, the ancient lighthouse overlooking the Goksu River and the Black Sea, which dates back to the nineteenth century AD specifically in 1859 during the Ottoman Empire, and is distinguished by its wonderful shape, and photographers from all over the world come to photograph the lighthouse at night.

And of course, do not forget to visit one of the most beautiful places in Şile, which is the hidden lake, Şile Saklıgöl, which is located in the middle of mountains and forests, where you can enjoy a lunch of delicious Turkish grills in the restaurant overlooking the wonderful sea.

Our next stop will be the Şile Corniche on the Black Sea, which is one of the most beautiful marine places on the Black Sea, and is characterized by its turquoise waters, where you can sit in one of the famous and distinctive cafes, and wander on foot to enjoy the views of the rocky blocks in the middle of the water that spread along the beach.

Finally, we will go to Sile Market, which includes many commercial centers and shops dedicated to family shopping, and is characterized by excellent goods and the rustic Turkish splendor of the city, where you can take a shopping tour to buy the most wonderful souvenirs.

And then back in the evening to the hotel

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Many tourists prefer to rent private cars due to the ease of movement using the car compared to other means of transportation, and the usual means of transportation in some destinations such as buses and taxis are not sufficient enough to allow flexibility and speed in moving from one place to another, in addition to the privacy that the tourist enjoys With his family when renting his own car.

When one of us decides to go on a tourism to Turkey, he must first choose his destination:

Istanbul – Spanga – Bursa – Trabzon – Antalya

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